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Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk

Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk Screenshot :
Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Never worry about waking up on time again with the incredibly reliable, feature rich Alarm Clock Ultra!

Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk
Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk
Alarm Clock Ultra is THE best looking alarm clock app available, an absolute feast for the eyes... but don't be fooled by the candy coated exterior, this app has serious functionality under the hood.
Wake up the way you want to with Alarm Clock Ultra's extensive customization.

Alarm Clock Ultra
Unlimited Alarms
Repeat Alarms
Wake up to your own music
Amazing selection of preset alarm tones
Gradual alarm clock volume increase
Shake to dismiss alarm
Shake to snooze
Solve puzzle to dismiss
Solve puzzle to snooze
Variable Preset Quick Snooze
Customized snooze duration
Maximum Snooze amounts
Multi-preset Quick Sleep alarms - ideal for a powernap
Beautiful looking Stopwatch
Countdown Timer - with fully customizable user preset options
Egg Timer - with built in cooking times and instructions
Quick Access Flashlight
Background themes - select your favorite look
12/24 Hour
Battery Level indicator
Simple to customize and navigate
Accidentally disabling your alarm is a thing of the past thanks to Alarm Clock Ultra, with our unique 'Puzzle To Snooze/Dismiss' functionality, you'll be wide awake and raring to go every time you wake up.
Want to work out and wake up the brain even more? Try our Math problems to Snooze/Dismiss feature, with 3 levels of difficulty this is a sure fire way to get you up and running on a sleepy morning.

Social Media & News.
Facebook Updates
Twitter Updates
Post Facebook updates directly from Alarm Clock Ultra
Send Tweets directly from Alarm Clock Ultra
Latest News Feeds
With the ever expanding explosion of social media over the past few years, it's likely you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. Ultra allows you to check all the latest Facebook posts and Tweets, no need to open up separate apps, it's all right there integrated with the clock. Plus keep up to date with world affairs, entertainment stories, sports news and many more categories with our news headline feeds.

Weather Integration
Need to plan your day around the weather? Not a problem! Alarm Clock Ultra provides up to the minute weather information directly to your nightstand.

Introducing the Ultra Sleep System
The Ultra Sleep System creates your very own sound environment conducive to relaxation, sleep and improvement of everyday life. The perfect tool to fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, enhance concentration, and feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day. You are sure to find relaxation and better sleep with the Ultra Sleep System.

Alarm Clock Ultra ensures you get the best possible nights sleep.
White Noise
Seaside Garden Birds
Deep Forest & Water
Rain & Nature Sounds
Over 25 relaxing melodies and sounds.
No Android app would be complete without a light sprinkling of widgets, and that's exactly what you get with Alarm Clock Ultra. Choose between any of our beautifully designed widgets so you can keep track of the time, weather and your next scheduled alarm, right on the home screen of your phone!

Alarm clock Ultra also includes a fantastic looking Stopwatch, a countdown timer and even an egg timer with cooking instructions and preset boiling times.

What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 27, 2012)
Fixed Splash page issue.
Fixed some issues.
Download Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk Link :

Download Instructions:


Floating Widget v1.0 apk

Floating Widget v1.0 apk Screenshot :
Floating Widget v1.0

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.1+
Overview: Widgets are no longer only for your homescreen!

Floating Widget v1.0 apk
Floating Widget v1.0 apk
This lets you interact with any homescreen widget while using any other app.
Widgets are no longer only for your homescreen!
Floating Widget lets you interact with any homescreen widget while you’re using any app on your device.

Ever wish you could:
Control your local or streaming music without leaving your current app?
Have a sports scoreboard up while using your e-book reader?
View a data usage widget in real time while using the app you’re testing?
Have a clock on the screen while playing a full screen game?
View CPU usage while you’re interacting with an app?
Have the a traffic indicator widget always up while commuting?
With Floating Widget, you can do all of these and more! Check the screenshots and embedded video for setup and examples.
Floating Widget v1.0 apk Download Link :

Download Instructions:


Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk

 Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 Screenshot :
Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.2+
Overview: Your own private beach! Dynamic 24 hour live wallpaper!

Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk
Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk
Total relaxation with your own private beach in this tropical paradise! Hypnotic tranquility as you watch the calm waves of the sea slowly move towards the beach where your two chairs are placed for the perfect view.

While the free version is beautiful and fully functional, most settings are locked. The full version is highly customizable and offers real time mode with seamless color transitions between all times of the day.
Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk Download Link :

Download Instructions:


Animated Weather Widget&Clock v5.1.0

Screenshot :
Animated Weather Widget&Clock v5.1.0

Requirements: Android OS 1.6 +
Overview: Animated Weather forecast: realistic video effects, detailed world data.

Pro - No ads, Full forecast.
Unistall Free and Install Pro version.

Digital Clock widget 4x2 with Weather forecast application. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world.

Different size widgets with a clock and a forecast for the selected day.
- Desktop widgets with digital clock
- Animated daily weather forecast
- Realistic Video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow
- Multiple scene landacapes
- Custom (user-defined) backgrounds
- Global world weather
- 50000+ locations worldwide
- Auto update forecast
- Data in Metric/Imperial
- Geolocation (GPS Search)

Features in Development
- Animated widget
- Live wallpapers
- Multiple locations / cities
- Weather for GPS location
- Improve video effects
- Local weather providers
- Skins

What's in this version:
+ Winter panorama;
Morning moon;
Smooth cloud;
Smooth resizing (for big screen);
Moon phases;
Freezing bug;
Invisible widget bug;
Big density widget bug;
Download Link :

Download Instructions:


Pure Calendar widget (agenda) v2.9.5

Screenshot :
Pure Calendar widget (agenda) v2.9.5

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: THE Android widget for agenda and tasks !!! Widget for Agenda / Tasks / TODO

- Synced with Google calendars
- Show calendars from Google, TouchDown & Moto/LG Exchange
- Show tasks from Astrid / CalenGoo / gTasks / Got To Do / TouchDown
- Can add bi-weekly / bi-monthly events (or more complex)
- Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
- Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro

What's in this version:
NEW MyPhoneExplorer task manager support
FIX quick actions images issues

Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:


ICS HD Go Launcher EX Locker v3.5

Screenshot :
ICS HD Go Launcher EX Locker v3.5

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: New Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen HD.! GO Launcher EX Locker

***Notice:Custom shortcut Now***

Ice Cream Sandwich HD Lockscreen!
You must have GO LOCKER app Installed to use
ICS HD New Go Launcher EX Loc
With Go.Locker now you have this on your phone in any version Ice Cream Sandwich Lock screen!

How to use:
1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.63 or above and GO Locker v1.05 have been installed
2. Click “MENU—->
3 Preferences—->
4 Theme Settings—->
5 GO Locker-> My locker””
6 Choose the theme "ICS Go Locker"

Any issues or changes to GO LOCK SCREEN
will be noticed and this lock screen will be updated consistently with the GO LOCKER app itself

Extensively Tested on:
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy R
Samsung Galaxy Pop
Samsung Galaxy Y
Motorola Defy
LG Optimus One
Another proof to the world that Android is much better than iPhone.

What's in this version:
(Fix) Some FC bugs
fix Samsung Galaxy Note
i9100 SII
Notice:Custom shortcut
translated into 25 languages ​​more
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Mirror: ... L_v3.5.apk

ClockQ Pro v2.0.2

Screenshot :
ClockQ Pro v2.0.2

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Simple digital clock widget for your homescreen.

The power of this widget is in variety of customization options.
The widget can be added to your homescreen by long-tapping on the homescreen.
Internet permission is needed for downloading weather information.

Widget settings is accessible from your launcher as ClockQ application.

Choose between 25 GREAT FONTS
4x2 and 2x1 widgets
Custom color
Transparency option
Rotation option
Scale option
Shadow effect
Show date function
Show AM/PM
24h/12h option
Tap to open custom application
Weather information °C/°F(beta)
If your clock stops updating, exclude ClockQ from task-killer.
If you have trouble with installing (package-sign problem), uninstall previous version and install again from market
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 24, 2012)
10 fonts added (25 total)
predefined colors added
new color picker
weather - °C/°F
font preview in settings
fixed force closes
fixed am/pm color
other improvements
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Choice GO Locker Theme v1.00

Screenshot :
Choice GO Locker Theme v1.00

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Theme for GO Locker

1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.05 has been installed;
2. Click Menu>Plugins>GO Locker, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:


Phoenix Launcher v0.9.7.13

Screenshot :
Phoenix Launcher v0.9.7.13

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Get some ice cream sandwich on your Gingerbread enabled device
Phoenix Launcher is your choice in home screen replacements
if you want some look and feel of the new Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
running your device under the Gingerbread firmware or even Android 4.

- Choice between 3,5,7 or 9 workspaces
- Set your favorite workspace as default
- Enable/Disable wallpaper scroll
- Choice between 2 hardware home key actions (workspace overview and "snap to default workspace")
- Show or hide the workspace indicator
- Enable or disable icon text backgrounds
- ability to change dockbar style up to 9 different styles
- Included Android 4 wallpapers
- very smooth scrolling
- Enabled for LDPI, MDPI and HDPI devices
If you have downloaded this application, open a root file explorer or the ADB shell
and move the app to /system/app BEFORE you start the launcher the first time! Otherwise
you cant use widgets shown in the Application drawer. Its required because of a general
permission in the Android operating system, this can never be fixed by me!
Make sure, your system partition is mounted in read/write mode when moving the app!
If you want to use the launcher on a non rooted device, you only can add widgets to
a workspace through the standard Android widget picker dialog. You cant add widgets
through the tab "WIDGETS" in the app drawer.
If you get Force Close errors the first time you start the launcher, try to set the
permission for /data/dalvik-cache to 777, this fixes the first time start error.
What's coming up in the next releases?
- support for X-HDPI and tablet devices
- support for landscape mode
- workspace and app drawer transitions
- theming through installed applications instead static themes
Have fun!

What's in this version:
Improved app drawer animation
Fixed some small bugs
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Glass Widgets ICS Full v1.7.0

Screenshot :
Glass Widgets ICS Full v1.7.0

Requirements: Android OS 3.1+
Overview: This is a an edition of the GlassWidgets collection for use on phones and tablets running Android 3.x/4.x (Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich). This edition is build to take advantages of the new possibilities in ICS and Honeycomb, such as resizable and scrollable widgets.

It includes the following widgets:
* Glass Clock Widget
Enter a city name, or use geolocation to automatically find your location. Add more than one clock widget to your home screen in order to follow the time and weather around the world. Resizable.
* Glass Calendar Widget
See the current date, along with the next three events in your calendar. Resizable and scrollable.
* Glass News Widget
Read your favorite RSS/Atom feeds from your home screen. Select one of the build in feeds (BBC, Reuters, WIRED ect.) or add your own custom feed. Resizable and scrollable.
* Glass All-In-One Widget

All the above widgets combined into one 4x3 widget.

The full version will allow you to change the tint and transparency of the background as you wish.

What's in this version:
Added display options for All-In-One Widget.
Also included various bug fixes.
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:


Glass Widgets FULL v2.1.1

Screenshot :
Glass Widgets FULL v2.1.1

Requirements: Android OS 2.2 - 2.3
Overview: Yet another set of basic home screen widgets.

This package contains:

* Glass Clock Widget (with weather)
* Glass Calendar Widget
* Glass News Widget (RSS feeds)

They are designed to provide you with the most important information at a glance, yet still allow you to enjoy the sight of your (Live-) wallpaper. Less is more ;)

Full version include:

- Adjust Background Color (and transparency)
- Adjust Text Color (and transparency)

What's in this version:
There's a new locked option under Appearance called Display Options. You can use it to hide the left panel or display alternate content (for the clock widget)
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:


Download GoLauncher Vending Machine 1.8 Mediafire | Apk

Download GoLauncher Vending Machine 1.8 Mediafire | Apk
GoLauncher Vending Machine 1.8 Apk
Size : 2.1 MB
Requires Android:2.0 and up

Featured :

Screenshot :

Download Link :


Ice Cream Sandwich (Theme) v1.8.0 Mediafire | Apk

Ice Cream Sandwich (theme) v1.8.0 Mediafire | Apk

Ice Cream Sandwich (theme) v1.8.0 Apk
Size : 4.1 MB
Requires Android:1.6 and up

Featured :
Get the look of Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' in your favorite launcher!

★ New graphics for dock bar (ADW & Go)!
★ Themed search widget (ADW only)!
★ Ice Cream Sandwich system icons!
★ Wallpaper pack included
★ ADW Theme support
★ Launcher Pro theme support (limited to icons)
★ Go Launcher EX theme support
★ Help for Desktop Visualizer
★ Help for Folder Organizer

★It is a theme intended to replicate the look of Android 4.0's launcher & icons. The icons included are to replicate a inventory expertise and never an interpretation, due to this fact there will not be any additions different then system apps.

★Concerning 'MovetoSD' availability: If the app is moved to SD Card, you risk the customized icons not loading correctly because of how the system loads the SD card.
Screenshot :

Download Link :

Download ChompSMS 5.27 | Apk

Download ChompSMS 5.27 | Apk

 ChompSMS 5.27 Apk
Size : 4.3 MB
Requires Android:1.5 and up
Featured :
v5.27 change log:
- True group messaging using TextFreek! With no limit on the number of pals you may include.
- Heap of Consumer Interface refinements.
- Choice to show cellphone quantity in the conversation title bar
(Settings > Customize Look > Present Quantity in Title Bar)

Want a greater Messaging experience? Strive chompSMS!
Annoyed with the constructed-in Messaging utility? Need more options? Then chompSMS is for you, with a number of further features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, 450+ emojis, signatures, templates, blacklisting, heaps of customizations, themes, plus FREE texting using the TextFreek Service and far rather more!

You possibly can simply use chompSMS as a souped-up replacement to the constructed-in Messaging utility, just with a heap more options and customizations.

Plus, if your cellular provider prices quite a bit for SMS messages (internationally for instance) you should buy chompSMS credit to send much cheaper SMS messages.
NEW: TextFreek Service (comes with chompSMS) enables you to text iPhone, iPod, Android and BlackBerry units for FREE!

Does it price me anything?
The chompSMS application is totally free, with no obligation to buy something from us.
For text messages between your folks utilizing the TextFreek Service on iPhone, iPod, Android and BlackBerry it is FREE.

You solely need to buy chompSMS credits if our SMS rates are cheaper than your mobile carriers SMS rates. Our rates are the same to any supported country in the world no matter origin or destination. In any other case merely use this great app without spending a dime and luxuriate in!
Screenshot :

Download Link :

Download Evernote v3.5 Mediafire | Apk

Download Evernote v3.5 Mediafire | Apk

Evernote v3.5 Apk
Size : 7.5 MB
Requires Android:1.6 and up
Featured :
Evernote turns your Android gadget into an extension of your brain.
★ New York Occasions ‘Prime 10 Must-Have App’, Winner: TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys. ★

Evernote is an eazy-to-use, free app that helpz you bear in mind every part throughout all the devicez you uze. Keep organized, save your ideas and enhance productivity. Evernote permits you to take notes, capture photoz, create to-do listz, file voice reminderz--and makez these notez utterly searchable, whether or not you are at dwelling, at work, or on the go.

Key Features:

- Sync your entire notes throughout the computer systems and gadgets you employ
- Create and edit textual content notes, to-dos and activity lists
- File voice and audio notes
- Search for text inside pictures
- Manage notes by notebooks and tags
- Electronic mail notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
- Connect Evernote to different apps and products you utilize
- Share notes with associates and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter

★ Premium function: Add, sync, entry and share recordsdata (PDF, Phrase, Excel, PowerPoint, and more)
★ Premium feature: access and modify shared notebooks
Screenshot :

Download Link :

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