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QQ Launcher Pro v2.6

Screenshot :

QQ Launcher Pro is a tecent company in the field of desktop beautification into new good Android desktop, it provides management of the screen, application management commonly used desktop function, can replace the original system desktop. Compared with original desktop, QQ desktop Pro has more luxuriant interface, more rich function, and more outstanding performance. This type of andros desktop itself the built-in task manager, can quickly and effectively manage memory, avoid mobile phone waste of resources.
1. The built-in features Widget, such as quick switch, task manager, etc.; Quick switch
2. Gorgeous screen switching the special effects;
3. Comprehensive application management function, support free sorting, multidimensional arrangement, intelligent search;
4. The built-in shop direct area, application follow;
5. Custom folder, solve application classification problem;
6. Desktop a key move, switch desktop zero cost.
Download QQ Launcher Pro v2.6 Link :

Download QQ Launcher Pro v2.6

Heroes Theme v1.1 Apk

Screenshot :

Version: 1.1
Heroes Theme v1.1, free android themes, htc android themes free:
Open Home Skin - Lost by DeadBody79
Download Heroes Theme v1.1 Apk Link :

Download Heroes Theme v1.1 Apk

Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk

Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk Screenshot :
Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Never worry about waking up on time again with the incredibly reliable, feature rich Alarm Clock Ultra!

Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk
Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk
Alarm Clock Ultra is THE best looking alarm clock app available, an absolute feast for the eyes... but don't be fooled by the candy coated exterior, this app has serious functionality under the hood.
Wake up the way you want to with Alarm Clock Ultra's extensive customization.

Alarm Clock Ultra
Unlimited Alarms
Repeat Alarms
Wake up to your own music
Amazing selection of preset alarm tones
Gradual alarm clock volume increase
Shake to dismiss alarm
Shake to snooze
Solve puzzle to dismiss
Solve puzzle to snooze
Variable Preset Quick Snooze
Customized snooze duration
Maximum Snooze amounts
Multi-preset Quick Sleep alarms - ideal for a powernap
Beautiful looking Stopwatch
Countdown Timer - with fully customizable user preset options
Egg Timer - with built in cooking times and instructions
Quick Access Flashlight
Background themes - select your favorite look
12/24 Hour
Battery Level indicator
Simple to customize and navigate
Accidentally disabling your alarm is a thing of the past thanks to Alarm Clock Ultra, with our unique 'Puzzle To Snooze/Dismiss' functionality, you'll be wide awake and raring to go every time you wake up.
Want to work out and wake up the brain even more? Try our Math problems to Snooze/Dismiss feature, with 3 levels of difficulty this is a sure fire way to get you up and running on a sleepy morning.

Social Media & News.
Facebook Updates
Twitter Updates
Post Facebook updates directly from Alarm Clock Ultra
Send Tweets directly from Alarm Clock Ultra
Latest News Feeds
With the ever expanding explosion of social media over the past few years, it's likely you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. Ultra allows you to check all the latest Facebook posts and Tweets, no need to open up separate apps, it's all right there integrated with the clock. Plus keep up to date with world affairs, entertainment stories, sports news and many more categories with our news headline feeds.

Weather Integration
Need to plan your day around the weather? Not a problem! Alarm Clock Ultra provides up to the minute weather information directly to your nightstand.

Introducing the Ultra Sleep System
The Ultra Sleep System creates your very own sound environment conducive to relaxation, sleep and improvement of everyday life. The perfect tool to fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, enhance concentration, and feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day. You are sure to find relaxation and better sleep with the Ultra Sleep System.

Alarm Clock Ultra ensures you get the best possible nights sleep.
White Noise
Seaside Garden Birds
Deep Forest & Water
Rain & Nature Sounds
Over 25 relaxing melodies and sounds.
No Android app would be complete without a light sprinkling of widgets, and that's exactly what you get with Alarm Clock Ultra. Choose between any of our beautifully designed widgets so you can keep track of the time, weather and your next scheduled alarm, right on the home screen of your phone!

Alarm clock Ultra also includes a fantastic looking Stopwatch, a countdown timer and even an egg timer with cooking instructions and preset boiling times.

What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 27, 2012)
Fixed Splash page issue.
Fixed some issues.
Download Alarm Clock Ultra v1.2 apk Link :

Download Instructions:


Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk

 Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 Screenshot :
Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.2+
Overview: Your own private beach! Dynamic 24 hour live wallpaper!

Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk
Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk
Total relaxation with your own private beach in this tropical paradise! Hypnotic tranquility as you watch the calm waves of the sea slowly move towards the beach where your two chairs are placed for the perfect view.

While the free version is beautiful and fully functional, most settings are locked. The full version is highly customizable and offers real time mode with seamless color transitions between all times of the day.
Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04 apk Download Link :

Download Instructions:


Lustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3 apkLustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3

Lustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3 Screenshot :
Lustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Lustre brings vibrant color and crisp imagery to your homescreens. Check it out!

Lustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3
Lustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3
This is a launcher theme (for ADWEX, ADW.Launcher, LP, GO & more!) and will not alter the look of your status bar, notifications or anything else. It WILL change the graphics and icons for many popular launcher replacements!

New graphics for dock bar (ADW & Go)!
Over 150+ custom icons!
Themed search widget!
Custom docks!
Wallpaper gallery included!
ADW Theme support
Go Launcher EX theme support
Launcher Pro theme support (limited to icons)
Support for Desktop Visualizer
Support for Folder Organizer

ADW users need to manually change the app drawer icon on their homescreen. It can not be done automatically. Long-press or double-tap, choose edit. Select the icon and then choose ADWTheme IconPacks. Choose Lustre and then pick the icon of your choosing. We've included a couple!
More icons are due to be added over time. Do you see missing icons in your app drawer? Please email us with requests. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and will work to add new icons for whatever we have missed.

Regarding 'MovetoSD' availability: If the app is moved to SD Card, you risk the custom icons not loading properly because of how the system loads the SD card OR the theme not being active after a device restart.
Launcher Pro users may need to wipe data if they are having 'Force Close' issues. Phone Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, choose Launcher Pro, select 'Clear Data' and then try to load the icons again.

Icons may also work with Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, mxHome, Launch-X, Crazy Home Lite, dxTop Lite, Open Home paid, Open Home free, VTL Launcher, Circle Launcher Paid and more!
If you are having trouble - EMAIL US! Seriously, send us an email and help us to help you. If you want to request icons to be created, send an email for that as well.


What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 28, 2012)
Fix tablet icon picker crash
Found missing icons - silly typos!
Added Pocket/GReader icons
Go Launcher drawer icon fixes
Other misc adjustments
Thanks for the overwhelming launch day response!
Lustre (Launcher Theme) v1.0.3 Download Link :

Download Instructions:

Pure Calendar widget (agenda) v2.9.5

Screenshot :
Pure Calendar widget (agenda) v2.9.5

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: THE Android widget for agenda and tasks !!! Widget for Agenda / Tasks / TODO

- Synced with Google calendars
- Show calendars from Google, TouchDown & Moto/LG Exchange
- Show tasks from Astrid / CalenGoo / gTasks / Got To Do / TouchDown
- Can add bi-weekly / bi-monthly events (or more complex)
- Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
- Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro

What's in this version:
NEW MyPhoneExplorer task manager support
FIX quick actions images issues

Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:


ICS HD Go Launcher EX Locker v3.5

Screenshot :
ICS HD Go Launcher EX Locker v3.5

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: New Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen HD.! GO Launcher EX Locker

***Notice:Custom shortcut Now***

Ice Cream Sandwich HD Lockscreen!
You must have GO LOCKER app Installed to use
ICS HD New Go Launcher EX Loc
With Go.Locker now you have this on your phone in any version Ice Cream Sandwich Lock screen!

How to use:
1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.63 or above and GO Locker v1.05 have been installed
2. Click “MENU—->
3 Preferences—->
4 Theme Settings—->
5 GO Locker-> My locker””
6 Choose the theme "ICS Go Locker"

Any issues or changes to GO LOCK SCREEN
will be noticed and this lock screen will be updated consistently with the GO LOCKER app itself

Extensively Tested on:
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy R
Samsung Galaxy Pop
Samsung Galaxy Y
Motorola Defy
LG Optimus One
Another proof to the world that Android is much better than iPhone.

What's in this version:
(Fix) Some FC bugs
fix Samsung Galaxy Note
i9100 SII
Notice:Custom shortcut
translated into 25 languages ​​more
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Mirror: ... L_v3.5.apk
Screenshot :
Digital Hive Live Wallpaper v1.5.1

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Displays a 3D grid of glowing, pulsing hexagons. This full version also allows you to select any color and enables touch interaction with the hexagons.

Please make sure your device supports live wallpapers before downloading.
Please try the free version of this live wallpaper before purchasing! If you have any problems at all with this app, just send us an email and we'll refund you!

What's in this version:
Added color option to switch between two colors, depending on whether the phone is plugged in.
Added smooth scrolling, which smooths out camera motion. Modify this setting under the "Homescreen scroll options".
The Galaxy Nexus is a severely fill-rate limited device. (See blog post about this on Recommended settings for Galaxy Nexus to reduce the appearance of stuttering: Under the Homescreen scroll options, set "Restrict camera rotation" to 60% and set "Max camera speed" to Low.
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Nova Launcher v1.0.3 beta 1 Apk App

Screenshot :

Requirements: Android 4.0 or up
Overview: Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+

Features include:
Custom Grid
 Configure the rows and columns to fit all your app and widget needs.

Scrollable Dock
 Keep all your favorite apps on the dock, with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.

Scroll Effects
 Enjoy eye candy when scrolling your desktop and drawer. Effects include Cube and Cardstack and more for Prime users.

Infinite Scroll
 Never be far from your favorite page, loop through your desktop continuously.

Folder Icons
 You can chose a background, preview style or even replace the whole icon.

 Export your settings and layout before a wipe to quickly get back up and running.

Nova Launcher Prime Features (Paid version)
 Quickly start Nova Actions or Apps from gestures on the desktop, such as pinching, swiping or two-finger swiping.

Hide Apps
 Keep a clutter free drawer by hidding never used apps.

Dock Swipes
 Get more use out of your dock apps by setting swipe-actions

 Additional Scroll Effects

 Root/Superuser: Widgets-in-drawer with previews is require Root due to Android framework limitations. Widgets will be displays in a list like Android 2.x if root is unavailable or denied.
 INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE/ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Optional & Anonymous error/usage reporting.
 CALL_PHONE: Only used if you place a direct-dial shortcut on the homescreen.
 Wallpaper/Vibrate/Status Bar : Standard Launcher functions
 BIND_APPWIDGET: Only if installed as a system app or root. Required for adding widgets from app drawer.
 WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Backup/restore and beta updates
Download Link :
Download Instructions:

FTL Launcher Pro v3.0.0 Apk App

Screenshot :

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.1+
Overview: FTL Launcher - Break all rules, go Faster Than Light !

 The Faster Than Light Launcher

 New and Important: Supports all resolutions and ICS, but only 800x480, 854x480, 960x540 and 480x320 devices have 3D drawer enabled! Also ICS has no 3D drawer because it does not contain the "old" opengl interface. But as it is natively accelerated anyway, 2D drawer should be fast.

 Make no mistake, this is the fastest launcher you'll ever run. Small, light, configurable. The Gingerbread launcher as it should have been.
 Now including configurable homsecreen grid from 4x4 to 6x6, resizeable widgets, and, never seen in any launcher: control over core Android window animation speed.

 No useless stuff, no compromises. Performance and usability are the driving forces here.

 Feature List:

 - Based on Gingerbread Launcher2 source code tweaked for extreme speed
 - Fully accelerated 3D Waterfall app drawer
 - Normal 2D app drawer
 - Choice between 3 and 5 icon Dock
 - Configurable support for launcher auto-rotation
 - Configurable number of homescreens: from 1 to 9
 - Configurable default homescreen
 - Configurable transition speed of homescreens
 - Configurable bounce effect on homescreen transitions
 - Configurable Homescreen grid: From 4 to 6 rows, and 4 to 6 columns (must restart FTL for changes to take effect!)
 - Hide/show icon titles on homescreen shortcuts
 - Configurable Dock icons size
 - Configurable infinite looping of homescreens
 - Configurable wallpaper scrolling
 - Configurable support for scrollable widgets
 - Swipe to action: Configurable "swipe up" to open drawer
 - Swipe to action: Configurable "swipe down" to pull notification bar
 - Includes anim speed: precise control over core Android win dows/transition animation speed
 - Configurable support for resizeable widgets: only when adding them to the homescreen, you cannot edit them later.

 Basic Instructions:

 - On first boot, homescreens will be empty. Long-press anywhere and start adding stuff!
 - You can add/change the shortcuts on the dock bar: Long-press the place you want, and wait for the a poput to show up, allowing you to choose what activity you want there.
 - You can uninstall apps directly from the homescreen: long press the shortcut (even in the app drawer), drag it to the trash can that appears where the dock was. If you drop it immediately FTL will only remove the shortcut, but if you wait a bit before droping, FTL will offer to uninstall the app.

 Try it, you won't regret it!
Download Link :
Download Instructions:


EZ Launcher v0.4.1 Apk App

Screenshot :

Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: EZ Launcher, the most convenent way to operate your phone.

 EZ Launcher(beta) is coming, a cool home replacement app, with the most convenient way to operate & organize your phone.

 - Genius app list brings you the app you most want
 - Auto category can help you automatically categorize your apps
 - Quick app search to find the app you want in app list directly
 - Pre-loaded app manager tool with all task manager, uninstaller, app2sd and etc functions in one place
 - Useful and handy widgets: Clock & Weather Widget, Task Manager Widget, SMS Widget, Switch Widget
 - 7x24 hours tech support from INFOLIFE Team

 EZ Launcher is still in beta test version, so if you have any bugs or suggestions, please contact us to help us improve the app.

 What's in this version:
 # Fix menu UI bug
 # Fix some mini bugs
 # New menu UI
 # EZ widget preview on adding
 # Mini bugs fix
Download Link :
Download Instructions:


360 Launcher‎ v2.2.1 Apk App

Screenshot :

Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: 360 Launcher is an android based desktop enhancer.

 It allows user to change the them that they want to use, along with handy widgets right on your desktop screen, so you never have to dig them again. Simple design with great usability makes your phone nothing like it before.

 1. Impressive screen-switching effects
 2. Lots of beautiful skin to choose
 3. User defined folder to classify applications
 4. Convenient to custom workspace screens
 5. Built-in widgets to get weather information, task manager and quick-settings
 6. Support to sort applications, hide app and new installation message

 Version 2.2.1
 **It showed V2.1 in app info.
 -Fixed icon randomly arranged after reboot.
 -Fixed duplicate icons in the app drawer.
 -Fixed shown two 360 tools when MIUI is added.
 **Clock is installed by default.
Download Link :
Download Instructions:


Claystone Launcher Pro v1.22 Apk App

Screenshot :

Requirements: Android 2.1 and higher
Overview: Claystone Labs is making Android the easiest smartphone to use, bar none.

 With Claystone, we’ve worked hard to develop a launcher that allows you to not only access and discover outstanding content, but also enjoy it within our innovative panel-based navigation system.

 A New Way to Navigate Android
 Claystone's home screen experience is designed around panels of content that are grouped and organized into stacks. By tapping the stack icon in the middle of the launch bar, you’re presented a 3D overview of your open panels that allows you to easily navigate amidst a wealth of integrated media, including: photos, videos, news feeds, and more.
 With Claystone, we’ve done our best to ensure Android users spend less time switching being apps and more time enjoying their content.

 Claystone: Customized
 In addition to our exclusive navigation system and top-tier content, we’ve also designed Claystone to be configurable to your interests.
 By pressing your device’s ‘Menu’ button and tapping ‘Preferences’, you’ll have immediate access to a host of customization options, setting everything from the # of YouTube search results to the speed in which panel animations occur on-screen.

 Themes from the Claystone Team
 Claystone Blueberry Theme
 Claystone Windowed Theme
 Claystone Honeycomb Theme ($)
 Claystone Dark Glass Theme ($)
 Claystone Cartoon Theme ($)

 Technical Support
 Encounter an issue while using Claystone? Please visit our Support page @">
 Or, if you prefer, you can report the error from within the app by pressing the Menu button, then ‘Preferences -> About Claystone -> Send Feedback’.
 From update 1.14 going forward we have instituted a crash reporter to help us log the majority of crashes so we can fix them.
 User Guide
 New to Claystone and curious as to what you can do within it?">View our User Guide.

 Minium Requirements for Installing Claystone
 - Android smart phone or tablet
 - Android 2.1 and higher
 - OpenGL 1.1 and higher
 - Medium screen density (160 mdpi) or higher

 What's in this version:
 Added preference for Claystone Pro users to disable auto-open of Google Play stacks
 Transparent + Serenity themes now immediately available to Pro users
 Added 'Play Stack' to Claystone Apps list
 Addressed issue with closing Google Play stacks
 Addressed inconsistency re: options menu

 Please remove old version before installation.
Download Link :
Download Instructions: No pro key needed.


X Ray GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0

Screenshot :
X Ray GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Use it with Choice theme, Which is for GO Locker, is perfect!

X Ray GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0
Use it with Choice theme, Which is for GO Locker, is perfect!
Dear,you can search samskl find more theme what you like.
Brief Introduction
Borderlands GO Launcher EX Theme, specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.
GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Search “GO Launcher EX” on Google Play Shop and install it for free.
***How to Apply the Theme
1. Directly open the theme after successful installation.
2. or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.
***How to Change Wallpaper
Click Menu>Wallpaper, and select the wallpaper you like.
***How to Change App Icons
(Some devices might not automatically apply the icons)
Long press some app icon>Replace>Theme’s icon, and then choose the icon you like.
Download Link : X Ray GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0

Download Instructions:

Choice GO Locker Theme v1.00

Screenshot :
Choice GO Locker Theme v1.00

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Theme for GO Locker

1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.05 has been installed;
2. Click Menu>Plugins>GO Locker, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:


Thunder GO LauncherEX Theme v1.2

Screenshot :
Thunder GO LauncherEX Theme v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: everyone's soul is brewing a flame, though often overlooked, but it is in your soul. When the pressure of constant friction, hurt, hurt your feelings at the same time, they also keep in the regiment fire scream. Why to confine it to explode? Life is so short, if the soul fire combustion can make their own relief, as with us, release yourself.

If you like this theme, Please give us the score in the market!check out our other themes. Click on "More from the developer" or search for Freedom Design here in the market.

===>Important tips:
1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed! (Search “GO Launcher EX” to download)
2. Apply the Theme: MENU->Themes->Choose “Classic” theme.
3. Search “GO Launcher EX Theme” in the Android Market to get more fantastic themes.
4. The weather and clock widget in screenshots belongs to GO Weather, Search “GO Weather” to download if you like.
5. Other useful widgets in screenshots are our GOwidgets. (Search “GOwidget” in Android Market to find them at once!)

What's in this version:
add 1 cool thunder wallpaper
add 5 icons(Adobe Photoshop/Any DO/SketchBook Mobile/Skitch/Task Manager)
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Phoenix Launcher v0.9.7.13

Screenshot :
Phoenix Launcher v0.9.7.13

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Get some ice cream sandwich on your Gingerbread enabled device
Phoenix Launcher is your choice in home screen replacements
if you want some look and feel of the new Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
running your device under the Gingerbread firmware or even Android 4.

- Choice between 3,5,7 or 9 workspaces
- Set your favorite workspace as default
- Enable/Disable wallpaper scroll
- Choice between 2 hardware home key actions (workspace overview and "snap to default workspace")
- Show or hide the workspace indicator
- Enable or disable icon text backgrounds
- ability to change dockbar style up to 9 different styles
- Included Android 4 wallpapers
- very smooth scrolling
- Enabled for LDPI, MDPI and HDPI devices
If you have downloaded this application, open a root file explorer or the ADB shell
and move the app to /system/app BEFORE you start the launcher the first time! Otherwise
you cant use widgets shown in the Application drawer. Its required because of a general
permission in the Android operating system, this can never be fixed by me!
Make sure, your system partition is mounted in read/write mode when moving the app!
If you want to use the launcher on a non rooted device, you only can add widgets to
a workspace through the standard Android widget picker dialog. You cant add widgets
through the tab "WIDGETS" in the app drawer.
If you get Force Close errors the first time you start the launcher, try to set the
permission for /data/dalvik-cache to 777, this fixes the first time start error.
What's coming up in the next releases?
- support for X-HDPI and tablet devices
- support for landscape mode
- workspace and app drawer transitions
- theming through installed applications instead static themes
Have fun!

What's in this version:
Improved app drawer animation
Fixed some small bugs
Download Link :
More Info:


Download Instructions:

Download Kill Box - Iron City v2.02

Screenshot :
Download Kill Box - Iron City v2.02
Version: 2.02
Kill Box-Iron City is a way of shooting game of adventure, the story about the evil Box the intention of the control the world, and players to do is picked up in the hands of a weapon to Kill all the way, destroy all Box, save the world! Game play simple and the exciting and process can use different weapons and equipment.
The game features 】
-skip trap and obstacles;
-when the power of large reasonable use weapons;
-by two consecutive jump, can jump higher;
-gun more powerful than the blade;
-you can put your best score to submit to online list;
Download Link :
Download Kill Box - Iron City v2.02

Download XPERIA S Home Launcher v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7 Apk App

Screenshot :

XPERIA S Home Launcher for non-XPERIA phones | v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7 | WVGA | FWVGA | qHD | HD
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Based on XPERIA™ Home 2.2.A.0.14 from Sony XPERIA S

 Optimized for non-XPERIA devices.
 Don't install on XPERIA devices, especially if you have stock ROM!!!
 All APKs are signed with a non-Sony Ericsson key!

 Optimized for:
 QVGA (240×320)
 HVGA (320×480)
 WVGA (480×800)
 FWVGA (480×854)
 qHD (540×960)
 HD (720×1280)


 System Requirements:
 Gingerbread or ICS

 1. Remove / uninstall all apps that use the shared user com.sonyericsson.home (older/different versions of: XPERIA Home and various XPERIA widgets).
 2. If you have not already installed revision 3 or earlier of this package proceed to step 7, else proceed to step 3.
 3. Download the XPERIA S uninstaller package in order to remove your old installation.
 4. Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery and make a backup (optional).
 5. Flash the uninstaller package.
 6. Reboot.
 7. If you want to install an updated version of a certain APK, first uninstall the old version from Settings->Apps.
 8. Download the Home.apk suitable for your screen resolution and install as normal APK.
 9. Download the widget APK(s) you want to install and install as normal APK(s).

 Revision history:

 - Added new configuration settings: Toggle wallpaper scrolling, Toggle going to first pane in app drawer, Set Home button default action.
 - Fixed wrong default screen when even number of home screens is selected.

 - Added a configuration menu, currently only supports setting the number of homescreens.

 - Added support for 720x1186 (Galaxy Nexus) and 800x1280 (Galaxy Note).

 - WeatherWidget - fixed inability to enter location on ICS

 - Installation as standalone APKs is now possible (modified Home.apk, OnOffTools.apk, WeatherWidget.apk, WidgetPicker.apk to enable this).
 - Added an uninstaller for removing older revisions of the package
 - Framework and permission files are not needed anymore

 - Added QVGA and HVGA support
 - Fixed a cosmetic graphics issue for WVGA and FWVGA

 - Fixed CWM (Status 0) Installation aborted error on some devices (update-binary is changed)

 - Original release

 Both variants work for qHD and HD devices (does not matter which file you choose).
 The screenshots are from a WVGA (800×480) device.

 All credits to ra3al

Download Link :

Download XPERIA S Home Launcher v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7 Apk App

Download Instructions:
One pack with all stuff:

 WVGA / qHD / HD



 HD Galaxy Nexus (720x1186)

 WXGA Galaxy Note (800x1280)

XPERIA S Widgets:

 OnOffTools * Toggling GPS and Brightness causes a force close on some devices



 WidgetPicker - Required by ClockWidgets, OnOffTools and WeatherWidget

Uninstall old XPERIA S Home

Download GoLauncher ex Theme Windowsoid 1.0 Mediafire | Apk

Download GoLauncher ex Theme Windowsoid 1.0 Mediafire | Apk
GoLauncher ex Theme Windowsoid 1.0 Apk
Size : 4.9 MB
Requires Android:2.0 and up / Go Launcher

Featured :
**IMPORTANT : if your icons are smaller after the update please correct this drawback by putting in the version 2.60 right here :

Special Go Launcher Ex Theme.
Designed by Premium Theme.

Theme Style: home windows, basic, gloss, nature, design, pro, class, desktop
Theme Identify: Windowsoid
Designed by: Premium Theme

->Major options:
-all routinely custom-made
-170 Big-Icons 112x112px
-2 Personalised Wallpaper
-New Folder Interface
-Personalized Dock and App Drawer

-First, you will need to have instaled Go launcher EX for free.
-This app only works with GO Launcher EX

->The way it works?
->Change Theme:
1.Download and install our theme.
2.Back to GO Launcher house screen, click settings button and choose "Themes"
3.Choose your Theme!
->Change others icons:
1.Click on on the icon until the bubble seems
2.Click on on "Substitute" - "Theme´s icon"
3.Select an icon Then click on it!

Extra particulars within the video Below, or visit:

EXTRA : Widget used for this presentation :
- Go widget "clock"
- Lovely Weather
- Lovely As we speak
- SetCpu
- Digital clock
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